Went to Monkey Forest where there are hundreds of wild monkeys running all around. They come up and take food from your hand and even try to grab onto your clothing until you feed them. There is a nice temple there and girls willing to pose for ten cents.

On the way up we saw a tooth-filling exhibition. This is done to the upper incisors and upper ( ) of every person at some time during life. A gruesome sight, Clint got pale.

Saw largest banyan tree in world. 290 feet in diameter.

Leary, Fenton Kilkenny, Loring and I got on bikes and started to pedal down. Bob & I lost F & L, turned into a market and bought each a sarong. F & L caught up here, but we lost them again. Saw temple in LuKluK with banyan tree in middle. Came back to town and ate ice cream and buns.

I bought two kruises for sixteen guilders (originally seventy). Leary tried to get one he’s had his eye on and almost made grade. Maybe tomorrow.

Biked to Koeta for a swell bathe and bath. A coke apiece with Exy and then back to the Yankee.