Into Den Pasar again today looking for curios, but no buzz. Took my negatives to EFA to be printed.

Met two English men and one American fellow and one Canadian at the Bali Hotel. De Champs has a motorcycle and came over from Bulelang with Fisher on monkey seat.

Kirby and I went to Koeta for chow and then back into town, seeing Shadow Play en route. Stopped at a local pub where Charley, Loring and Warren were chewing the rag and C making a dictionary. We sang some sangs and C tried to make Mira.

Warren and Kirb went to bed in the Princess Hotel. C, L, & I stayed for a while having a religious discussion about the Catholic attitude on several things. He’s very interested and —–.

At one we turned in, Warren having been kept awake by dog fights and a crazy man’s yelling which we didn’t hear. Room for two pound, three with breakfast.