Arrived in Bangkok and went to Oriental Hotel. Saw some silver shops and they are very interesting. Got a guide and saw some sights, including Wat Po – a stupendous affair. Prachides two hundred or three hundred feet high all inlaid with porcelain and figures.

Sleeping Buddha 160 feet long. Snake figures all around (snake sheltered B with his huge head and is revered by all Buddhists.)

Saw Royal Siamese dancers at Silpakom theater. Program was varied – drama, pantomime, opera, and dancing. The thing wasn’t bad except for three things. It lasted too long, the voices get on your nerves, and the between-the-acts shows.

The dancing here is of hands, no facial expressions, and is slower than in Bali. Orchestra is oriental but not as nice as Balinese. Between-the-acts chorus girls would come out and walk on runways thru the audience, waving flags and singing endless songs. The music for these interludes was furnished by a jazz band.

Guide’s name – Clinton DeWitt.