This morning we took the big circuit to Prah Khan (arsenal), Veak Peon (water palace), TaSom (funeral parlor), Mebou (cremation temple), Pre Rup (where ashes were kept). Saw Angkor Wat this afternoon.

It has been called the most perfect building in the world and it certainly is a wondrous and awe-inspiring sight from any angle. Symmetrical and perfectly balanced.

Many bats and stink panel bas relief depicting stories from Ramayana, history of the Khmers, tortures of hell, and other legends.

Second and third floors given over to religion entirely, having a tremendous collection of Buddhas.

Took an elephant ride to Pnom Bakheng. View excellent. Across from hotel is most important Buddhist temple in Cambodia. Priests chanted all day and night and it liked to drive you crazy.

Three periods of Khmer building – First, including Banteai, Kedei, and Takeo was just beginning a trial period, buildings not highly ornamental or of complicated structure; Second – including Angkor Wat was the prime; Third,as one of great haste, prolificacy and decorative frieze, including Angkor Thono and Peak Klan, etc.

Prastre worth baht .67 or Am .25.