Raffee club broke in half on our watch – also split at heat and starboard clew. Won about $6 from Oakes and Chas this afternoon at Red Dog.

Weather bad all night and on our 6-8 watch tonight (watches dogged) an “All hands” call was made to furl squaresail, main, and jib, and set fore staysail. The main was awful as it was blowing from aft, and we would haul a little on the vang, then a little on the sheet and repeat procedure several times. Stood up to my waist in lee scupper water trying to haul in the sail. Climbed up foresail and put a line through the reefing eye to bowse it over. Used block and tackle to get fore staysail to windward.Low and I had to keep climbing up main hoops to get them down. All boats are lashed down. It’s blowing merry hell out there now.

This noon Leary took down maintop for more repairs. Made 199 to noon but our chances of breaking the week’s run record is about nil with us hove to now.

Force between eight and nine.