Charley’s 19th birthday and he has some poisoning on his neck and a new tooth.

Night watch was sprinkly, but this afternoon’s was awful. An extra thirty minutes because of change in time, it was also extremely wet and the wind could not decide where to blow from – changing three to four points on a mere whim and then jokingly dying. The seas are heavy and steering tough.

Charley was also captain of the head today.

WTP is very interesting and am going through it very quickly.

The ornery porker was killed today, but not after quite a struggle getting it out of the crate while the other looked sheepish and scared. Two days ago, Doc drank some hair shampoo instead of cough medicine (both are in identical bottles) and today Exy tried to wash her hair with the cough medicine instead of shampoo.

It is now 7:30PM and not raining, but the sky is very dark. I hope we don’t have rain on watch tonight, because I hate rainy night watches.