Last night the 8-12 watch did us dirt by thoroughly wetting the deck right before we got on watch. As a result there was little sleep for any of us – I had one hour at wheel and three hours at Vic. I woke Kirby at 2:30, 3:00, 3:30 – he was still awake at four and did not snooze again til after 4:30. Once (3:30) I pulled his sheet and him out of the bunk and onto the floor. Fent was awakened every half hour from 2:30 – 4. It was a damn dirty trick and we have warned them not to pull any others like it or results will be quite wet for them.

More anchor winch chipping this PM and best gedunking of cruise.

Nora was not on watch this AM or PM, as every Friday now she has charge of the brats.

Yesterday, rearranged my picture exhibit – major changes are removal of Mac, two pictures of family, cutting Letty’s down and insertion of one pic of Louise, Louise Jr & B (Bernadine, author’s two nieces) and another of Louise Jr & B.

Porpoise today for first time in a helluva while.