Still had “runs” today, so Doc gave me some medicine. A little calmer today, though at five PM we had a nice little wind squall. Slept two hours this afternoon.

Will have to read the Post article “Blitzkrieg” again for I want to be sure of what actually happened. The article really shows the stupidity of French and British.

Am reading The Family by Federova and finding it most interesting.

Kirby made a rape club for Nora’s use against Charley (she chased him up in rigging this morning) and was swinging it about when he accidentally hit me. I jumped up, opened my spike and chased him to the dinghies where he turned on me. I grabbed the fish peak halyard and swung around right into Arthur who had flown out of deck house to watch the melee. How I missed hitting him with my spike I don’t know, but I told Mrs Johnson about it and tonight the Skipper told the kid to keep clear of the fellows when they are fighting or fooling around.