Good sleep last night in cool air. After breakfast we piled into a gov’t lorry for trip to British Guiana Gold Co. Never saw a worse road or thicker jungle. Takes a man one hour to go two miles through and cut a path.

Visited power house at compound then went to dredge. Saw big ants. Dredge is small one, but I thought it was big. Average speed – one mile per year. Dirt is scooped up, dropped into a bin, sent through a revolving cylinder where streams of water push the stuff through holes and onto sluice ways. Gold is caught in quicksilver pockets. Big chunks are lost. Dredge stopped by Sandy showed us how sluices work.

Charley pans and gets a little gold dust. Four lines (two bow and two stern) determine direction of dredge. Some time ago dredge turned half over and five days and nights of continuous hard work was necessary to get it back righted.

Met Mr Harris, head of plant, and he invited us to stay overnight, but we couldn’t. saw soda bottling plant, diagrams of diggings, had a couple of beers.

Back to Garraway to plane. We flew down low (ten feet) over Demeraca looking for crocs. Much fun. Saw new site for US Navy air base, flew over GT and landed to find Charley’s father had come down on the new Alcoa Pathfinder. He gave crew a dinner at Tower Hotel.

Later we went to a party (dry) and met Judge Steward, who was magistrate on Tonga when we were there, and his wife. They had been on the Rangatine which was shelled by a German raider in Pacific. Spent twenty-five days on it and were put off on island off north New Guinea. Tales were wonderful, but they are both mentally affected and some stories questionable.

Got tight at BelAir later.