Left Bahia this morning at 1:45, after final party given by the Kays. Bahia fairly interesting for short stay. Elevator from lower level to top and funiculars are quite novel. One cent fare. Miilreis worth five cents. Things pretty cheap. Girls of Cabaret are free. Gambling open, even in Palace Hotel. Ice cream fair. Had to pose as the Skipper before we could get our mail.

Our consul, Reginald S Castleman, did a lot of work for us, getting us new green passports effective April 10. My number is 8.

Fernando Huspel, a reporter on the A Tarde paper played up Yankee in several articles. He kept several pictures of mine, however, and Castleman promised to have Huspel send them to me.

Walter Baptista, whom we met in the cabaret, showed us a grand time.

Mr and Mrs Kay gave whole crew two dinners and it was nice to see them. They had been in Rio during recent Carnival time and said it was marvelous.

Got address of American consul in Porto Allegro in case I’m interested in wool business in SA. American cigarettes nil and local ones expensive if you get a good brand.

Some mail from home. Mother’s new apartment and Louise’s unfortunate accident most startling news. Letty – old faithful – sent me a letter of introduction to English Consul in San Juan.

Today we are ‘by the wind,’ but it’s a fair breeze. Sea choppy. Looks like rain! Dogged watches 4-8.