Gave Kirby a hot foot on deck last night and he was so sore he wouldn’t say a word. Mouse and his “Has the good time come yet?” had me stumped.

Sanding and scraping this AM and writing this PM. After supper Gil and I had a nice magazine fight on deck.

Last night about 11:30 Gil and I found Loring over at the lee rail, vomiting furiously. We watched for a while, asking what was wrong and if we could help, when Loring suddenly collapsed on the deck. Gil got Doc and he then took over.

Today Loring has been in his bunk, sick,and Mrs J, Exy, Jop, and Fenton got together on lunch and supper. Jop is washing the dishes and I feel sorry for him. L did not take care of a cold and so this attack. He is really a dumb son-of-a-bitch.