Last night’s watch was long, cold, and dewy. Tacked into Algoa Bay and moved towards Port Elizabeth which looks big and new. Double-decked green buses, trams etc — and we had to tack out to sea.

As we came about near the breakwater big naval tug came out and headed towards us. Soon a fast launch was moving after us so we set tops’l. After about minutes minutes we doused the engine and let the launch come alongside. An officer in white asked if we wished to enter and upon receiving a negative answer requested permission to come aboard. He and Skipper went into a huddle and it seems that we had moved into dangerous waters and it was fortunate that we were not shelled. When he was told the set-up, every thing was jake and we were soon on our way.

Passed several in-coming fishing launches and after we tacked again an English bomber flew over us and nearby. It circled once then flew about twenty yards off the port side, turned very sharply and roared back again, this time just a few feet over the calm sea. Four army men and one civvy in plane which then dove at us along our starboard side. It then flew home, but it was a good show enjoyed by both sides equally.

Dogged watches at last — 8-12. Forty-five miles today.