I thought so. At 10:30 last night there was an “All hands” call to douse the main – which we did with neatness and dispatch. A half hour later the jib ripped at the head and split down the leach. It was in minute shreds by the time we got it down. All sleep or thought of it for the next hour were dispelled and I lay in my bunk until watch time thinking how cold it was going to be. I dressed as warmly as possible, but after four hours my feet were cakes of ice. At 1:30 we jibed over and hove-to.

This PM the rubber boat was put over and some of the fellows went over side for pictures – two goons per trip; three trips. We got underway at 2:30 and found later we had done seventy-six miles while hove to.

A boat hull down this morning and then this afternoon about three we sighted one off to port. We could see the two tall stacks (brown) and when the Yankee rose on a wave’s crest the steamer’s superstructure was visible. A plane keeps circling it and then going off a short distance and returning – always flying low. Our guess is that it was a single plane convoy from Durban.

At chow a 7200 ton SS Calgary (Elder Dempster Lines Ltd) came up from ahead.It maneuvered a bit and the stern gun was manned. However, seeing as how we are neutral and harmless it crossed our stern by several hundred yards. Such excitement for one day.

Louise’s birthday.