Kirb and I ganged up on Gil last night on watch, but he enlisted services of Mouse, asleep on stern grating. Mouse’s pillow too hard for us, but we had a lot of fun and brought Skipper on deck.

This morning Kirb got into two more fights in main cabin and he lost his sarong in one. Charley, Warren, and I had a good catch on deck with a wad of dough left over from tonight’s good apple pie. Played “Salvo” with Kirb and Gil, losing but one game to Gil and winning about seven.

Wrote Mother, Dad, and Joe about chances of going to Nassau. I don’t think that there will be any objection to my going, but in any case I’ve decided to go ahead and take advantage of it if it comes through. Gee, what a wonderful chance. Nora and Clint lost their last bit of prestige yesterday, but it serves them right, for being such grousers and wet-blankets. I really don’t think that our chances are too good, but you can never tell.