A bombshell hit the crew today in the form of a wire to Skipper from Art saying that Paramount Studios wold like to charter the Yankee for May and June for location in the Bahamas. Sterling and Dorothy Lamour are making some sea picture – Skipper has an inkling, or suspicion, that it is based on a world cruise similar to ours – and a boat is needed. This would necessitate either ending in Gloucester as per schedule and calling off the movie business, or else having the cruise officially end in Palm Beach on the 27th and arriving at Gloucester in the middle of July. Taking the second alternative we would have more time in the West Indies, see a little bit of Florida. and all of the Bahamas.

It would be an unforgettable experience, working with a movie company, and something that is so unusual that it outweighs the first alternative by a long shot. Of course, we would not have the big day on the 27th and our entry into Palm Beach would be nothing more, probably, than like coming into Singapore or Cape Town, but I think that most parents would see eye to eye with us in our desire to do something like this.

It’s opportunities for fun, work and all around experience. Clint and Nora are wet-blankets, wanting the cruise to end in Gloucester, even though the Skipper says he will pay their way to their homes. I can see their point of wanting everything to run as scheduled, but they are just of Mr & Mrs Gloom. Just how the rest of us feel can easlly be imagined!

I have never seen the crew so worked up about anything. Even the “treasure” pales; but that was too fantastic to begin with. There is at least a good chance of our getting this contract. $100 to each is OK too. Skipper held a conference tonight at dinner to find out the wishes of the crew and except for Nora and Clint everyone was unanimously in favor of taking the Charter. He will send a message tonight and we can hardly wait for the next news. What a chance!! I hope, I hope, I hope!!