Slept two hours on watch this morning, then Gil and I talked about winter sports for two hours. Wrote more letters this AM. Varnished landing steps, two buckets, the port oarlocks on the lifeboat and gave the whole main cabin skylight a second coat. Was Captain of the Head today for my last time.

That is my first “last,” but it’s the beginning of the end. Had interesting discussion on deck after supper on “Seduction and The Law.” The women certainly have the law on their side, damn it.

Since Cape Town there has been a very noticeable cleavage between the Johnsons and the crew. Mrs Johnson seems very nice, but has made no attempt to get close to us in any way. Her trip on the Egyptian boat El Nil is quite interesting. She appears to be quite brilliant, and it is easy to see many resemblances between her and Skipper. His innate tendency to start and butt in on conversations is most exasperating. Arthur beginning to get worse again.

And so to bed (snzzz)