Had a little squall at 3:30AM which woke Jop. Kirb and I made a helluva racket getting stuff in and out, but we had fun doing war dances around Jop. Slept til ten, then wrote a letter. Sanded then varnished top of main cabin skylight. Retied a hoop on mainmast.

Tonight I bet Charley and Mouse that they wouldn’t hang from the springstay and shake hands. They did it, but I kept Mouse from coming down the fore rigging and Gil went up windward after shrouds. M started going down lee, but Clint came up and Mouse’s sarong was taken off, leaving him stark naked.

Gil got the spotlight and old Mousey was stuck half way up lee rigging until Charley took a pair of pants to him.

I backgammoned Gil on a double game tonight – a great triumph.