A little rain on watch this morning, but not much. Also this PM. More scraping and sanding. A spelling bee after supper was won by Exy. I went out on clientele. More letters written. Kirb and I had fun tonight blowing bubbles into after-cabin, then blowing smoke-soap bubbles in main cabin. The latter explode with nice little puffs like anti-aircraft.

We then got two balloons full of water and went to the main cross-trees. We tossed them down, but mine went into the drink. Kirby’s splashed Oakes, but be got wetter when we came down. Mouse threw buckets of water on Kirb and I got splashed a little. So we revenge. I went up on deck and talked with Oakes for a minute, then went over to Mouse laughing a little. I told him that something funny happened to Kirby. I got him over to the deckhouse, when ploof, right on the back of the neck. I ducked below immediately. Such fun!!

Everyone knew what was going to happen but Mouse.