Met Frs Roache and O’Flynn this AM and then shopped – two suits, two dressing gowns, etc.

Met Oakes and Saud Ferst Ali at a pub. Ali is second in line to Sultanship and ergo a prince. Black, he speaks excellent English and was educated seven years in Cairo. Has been to England, France and Italy. Very amusing. When asked how the English were at colonization, he answered, “I’m no politician; I’m a drunkard.”

Swashili is native language. Took a short drive through clove plantations with Frs Roache and O’F. Cloves are pressed into a soluble solution and used on cigars by natives. Used in absence of opium, Z exports about three-quarters of world supply of cloves.

Met a Dr Marchesini, who is Italian subject, technically a prisoner of war. He was representative of America-South Africa Line, a couple of Italian lines, and also Italian representative at Z. Very popular, he was not jailed, but had to sell his car and can’t even go out to the Yankee.

Met Johnsons in’37 and made friends with crew by offering baths to them at that time in’37. Had one there today. He is trying to get off island and asked about possibilities of getting on Yankee, understanding fully that his chances were nil. He was very repetitious on subject, but very nice. Took me to top of tower of old palace (House of Wonders) which is now government offices.