Christmas eve and the usual arguments. Kirby, of course, doesn’t believe in anything and doesn’t give a damn. Leary is the same way, so is Mousey. Kil says he is a Catholic, but he doesn’t practice or even show any signs of it. I don’t think too much of Fenton, but my opinions are best left unwritten. My opinion of Leary, outside ship, is not too high either. Bunny is going to open his mouth once too often one of these days. When K, K, & L were talking about Christmas being back I was so mad I couldn’t say a word for fear of further complications.

This constant and ever-increasing desire for knowledge about my religion and a yearning more and more all the time to help people and do good has me perplexed. If my schoolwork were any good, I might think that I had a vocation for the priesthood. Maybe I have and only time will tell. I certainly have found out how little I know about my religion, but this trip has not turned me from it as a whole. I am much more broad-minded, so much that it is my religion that has been my salvation many a time. Oh God! – if I were only home tonight.

Sanded and varnished both dinghies and all the floor boards this morning. Read and wrote a little this afternoon. Am almost finished with my article on Z and DeS.