Could not sleep on watch last night because of my ear and I can’t sleep on my left side.

This morning we came Kilwa Kisiwani and visited some old ruins. The founding of Kilwa took place about ninety years before William of Normandy’s invasion of England.

We landed alongside an old tenth century Arab fort which has two bastions and one tower, the rest having fallen into almost complete ruin. There are two mosques which are just recognizable as such, and one Arab boma, or walled defense line. This structure is by far the largest of the ruins and has not been spared the least by time. Town was founded by Ali bin Husein who set sail from Shiuay on the Persian Gulf. Quite possible that iron, apes, and peacocks were sent from here to King Solomon’s court and Kilwa’s zenith of power was during the 12th and 13th centuries when she was mistress of Melinde, Sofala, Mombasa, Pemba, Zanzibar, Mafia, Comoro, Mozambique, stations in Madagascar and trading posts as far south as Cape Corientes. A well-worn road, centuries old, runs from Kilwa to Lake Nyasa and is one of the few main caravan routes from central Africa to the coast.

Vasco de Gama visited Kilwa and his gifts of cloth were rejected because of poor quality. Kilwa certainly must have been some place in the old days, but it palls badly after Angkor and is really not much now.

Left just before noon and started for Beira. We have some five gallon oil tins on board from Dar and when a junk passed us we threw nine overboard. The natives immediately came to life, the sheet was let go and the dinghy was cast off. Some of the blacks dived in after the precious items. It was all very amusing to watch them.The second junk paid little attention.

While anchored at Kilwa. a bomber circled a couple of times. The last time she dived at us and just missed our bowsprit.

The ear hurt again today and think that Doc might have to take drastic stops to clear up the trouble.