More work on Yankee this AM. Con’s boat still was in at noon, so I took the dink over and sailed around. Con asked me on board, so I tied up to the gangway and went aboard clad only in a pair of shorts. A bottle of beer on A deck and a boy told me to get my boat. I said good-bye and left. I kept moseying about. Con threw an empty bottle at me and missed, but when I came in close he tossed my half empty bottle and missed my head by six inches, the bottle hitting the seat just forward.

Back aboard and then Gil, Kirb and I had late chow at the New Africa. Then walked to the Splendid and met John Trent, Peter Walsh, Norman (Menace) Read, and another chap from the KAR. A beer party followed. PW and Menace kept throwing beer all around and all in all it was lots of fun.