There was a long session last night on after deck among Skipper, Exy and crew. We aired our gripes and views on the cruise and how different things affected us. We tried to explain and have explained various aspects – leaving ports, the kids, etc. Here’s hoping some constructive points will be acted upon.

Clint’s idea of his not having kids because of Robert and Arthur is asinine. I hope that he and Nora will stop their eternal griping – or else I am going to ask to be put on another watch. The way he and Nora are lovey-dovey on watch is disgusting and Chas and I feel equally about it.

Today I went ashore with Oakes, but Seyyid Ferit Ali did not come to radio shack until late and I had to leave at 10:30. Paid my bills (12 pounds) and got my stuff.

Western Bazaar – two dressing gowns, Hamiltons, four deer skins and some elephants. Moloo’s – two suits, four pair pajamas, one damask tablecloth, and two boxes which I was finally talked into buying. I like them very much and think the price was fair, so I can’t kick.

Bunny and Fenton are going to Dar tomorrow by prahu and Gil is taking another tomorrow. Dr and Mrs Taylor on board for lunch – he looks like C. Aubrey Smith.

Left Zanzibar at two PM and motored to a wreck (1911) of a cable boat. Swam around with goggles and had a great time.

Tonight I shaved against crabs and feel quite naked. Low refuses to shave, damn him!!

Bunk fixing is a problem again.