I made two landfalls today – Lombok and Bali. Bali was sighted just before dusk.

Well, well, well!!! If this isn’t something. The Skipper notified us today that the Yankee will be in Singapore from one to three weeks and that those who stay in the city at hotels, etc are expected to work on the boat in the morning. Those who take trips can meet the Yankee at Padang, Sumatra.

If that isn’t a son-of-a-bitch trick. I’ll be damned if Skipper gets me to work on the Yankee – he can stuff himself. We all figured we would have three weeks scot free in S(ingapore) and I’m taking it. There would be no use in Mother’s coming if we wouldn’t have three weeks together. If necessary, Gil and I may take a steamer to Africa. That idea is one of the lousiest tricks I ever heard of. Only one or two will abide, I’m sure.

Another lousy trick is making Nora stick around the Yankee in S. Skipper figures on the work in the mornings because “It isn’t too good to have such a free period in a port like Singapore.” What in the hell are we – kids? The Skipper can just jam that up his fat ass as far as I’m concerned. The hell with that!