We all piled into a bus and after picking up Koke’s No 1 boy and Fenton Kilkenny at Koeta Beach and dropping Oakes at Den Pasar we made the rounds. At Singapoda we saw a temple and a cock sparring match. Then we saw other things like a dirty market at Oeboed, the kettle drum supposed to be part of the moon, King’s tombs, watering places of gods, etc.

Monkey dance best of day. Under·a roof, men (over 100) squat on floor of large square, all facing center where a torch burns. Chanting and clucking like monkeys, wriggling hands and bodies, at times almost like a football game, at others like a glee club. Leader would chant as though he were off in distance and effect excellent. Leader excellent dance and control of fingers and body movements wonderful. Whole effect is exhaustive. By far best thing we have seen of that kind.

Temples disappointing, but countryside definitely not. Carvings on coconut shell well done. Children’s dance at Koeta, after trip, interesting if unartistic. Chow good.

Left at one PM after doing whole after rigging, two shear poles, and black varnishing in three hours in morning – record time.

Women work, men loaf. Cock fights.