This morning Jop, Mouse, and I went ashore and got some material samples at HA&E Smith’s (Mr. Morris). I also got some chocolate and two mags at the druggy and some perfume at Smith’s. We took the stuff back to the Yankee and Clint, Jop, Nora, and Exy ordered and I got some long cotton undies. When I tried to take the stuff back, Arthur waved us back, but the ship chandlers took the materials and orders in at noon. Skipper picked up the stuff in Hamilton, where the order was made up, and brought it back. The customs officials were damned snooty today, going through every radio message, looking in bunks, asking countless questions.

Arthur came upon deck bawling “The British won’t let me in my cabin.” They wanted to know why Bunny had two fathers, why Nora went to Indo-China, and etc etc. We didn’t get going until after six. One of the inspectors was a cute boy from RAF – curly hair, sweet voice, effeminate manners.

Nuts! Bloody, bloody, bloody!!

Dogged watches – 8-12