No wind and a flat sea. Betsy running almost all day, only being stopped for filter cleaning.

Kirby came down with a bone infection in his leg and has a temperature of 103°. Clint, Gil, Arthur, Nora, Skipper, and Leary are on the list also. Bob sprained his ankle in Ocean·and hops about like a kangaroo.

I was rather surprised at the attitude towards England that the people on Ocean had. “There’ll Always Be An England” with them, yet they are not averse to criticizing the Mother country’s policies in the war and they give Hitler more credit for what he has done for Germany and in the war than one would consider proper for one of His Majesty’s Loyal Subjects. Some of the people come originally from England, but it’s always New Zealand, Australia, or Scotland when you ask them. Anthony Eden is a great favorite, Churchill praised; and MacDonald and Chamberlain are damned. They feel that Eden is a man of the younger generation and with more experience will be a fine leader. Churchill, of course, is felt to be the best man for the PM ship right now.