Came into Santa Anna this morning just after breakfast. Loring is complaining about the splint on his finger and I’ve taken over drying the dishes again.

I see where the old army game is going to be tried on me. Skipper knows about the July 24th boat out of Sydney and he said last night that we will be in Moresby “sometime after the 20th.” He will probably argue that as I’m already late, I might as well continue on the Yankee. Ho, ho, ho. Will he be surprised when I refuse?

Herr Henry Cooper, Skipper’s friend who married the Chief’s daughter and is described in Sailing to See, came on board for lunch and we left almost immediately after for another island and took some twenty native women and as many men to a dance which was only fair. The girls down here are really buxom and start to get good figures around ten. Some aren’t bad-looking either.

Trading was rather good, though somewhat expensive in the later stages.

Cooper and his native wife had supper on board and he is really a story-teller. Some of his yarns are the funniest I have ever heard. The one about the bishop and the prophecy in the German book concerning the start of World War No I; the one about killing the bull; Christmas time with Harry So&So; and the Russian on Maleta, etc were riots. I only hope I can remember a couple. He has been here thirty years, coming on a German sailing vessel, was born in Hamburg. Mrs Cooper- is very nice – a quiet and well-mannered native women who must have been rather pretty in her younger days for she is still not bad. They have two sons.

Kuper, as the name is spelled, feels like the rest of his kind about missionaries and combines.