Up at four this morning and we set sail for Tinakula. Back to bed at 4:45 and up again at seven. We rounded the volcano to the leeward side where we went off and on watching the show.

The top of the mountain was almost continually shaded from view by smoke and clouds. An occasional rumbling was heard but nothing very exciting. It was fun, though, watching the huge boulders, some red hot, tumble down the almost smooth lava side and plunge into the sea. The volcano is about 2200 feet high and the missiles acquired quite a good momentum. Some of the bigger ones would explode on the way down and we could see the red-hot stones rolling down to the sea. The exploding ones made sharp cracks like rifle reports when they hit the side and raised a little puff of dust.

Some of the boys climbed the volcano just after lunch and they had swell tales of dodging lava rocks and running down the side. We stayed around a little after dark and saw the red glow from the top and the stones falling down – better than a fireworks display.