Broke my record again this morning by doing the breakfast dishes in twenty-six minutes.

Skipper fixed the sink pump today and it works better than it has for over a month. I then told him that I am going to leave at Port Moresby instead of Bali. I told him, also, that I was going to meet Mother in Sydney, thus the altering of plans. He didn’t say a word for about five minutes. Then he asked me if I had ever thought that I might be under some obligation to him as I pay less than the others. I said that I realized this obligation and considered that I had eliminated it in the beginning by giving him sufficient notice about my leaving at Bali. I then said that even under present circumstances and change of plans my obligation was waived because Bunny is going to take over my job. He saw my point and we dropped the matter.

No wind today, and a little motor. We rush in and out of port, but have to sit in the doldrums day after day getting tossed on the long Pacific swells – and they are really long.

The news via grouser’s underground is that our Ocean Island stop will be extremely short for there is liquor on the island. Mac hit the spot when he says, “Sometimes this cruise becomes unbearably ‘nice’.”

Ball scores and league standings came in today via regular news.

National League

W        L          %

Cincinnati     26        10        .750

Brooklyn        21        11        .656

New York       19        12        .613

Chicago          19        19        .500

Phillies           13        18        .419

St Louis          13        21        .382

Boston           11        19        .367

Pittsburgh    9         21        .300

American League

W        L          %

Boston             23        10        .697

Cleveland       23        14        .622

Detroit            21        15        .583

New York       18        18        .500

Chicago          16        22        .421

Wash’ton       16        23        .410

Phila               14        21        .400

St Louis          14        21        .389

Cincinnati eked ahead of Brooklyn and the Phillies stayed in fifth place a game and a half ahead of the Cards. The A’s moved ahead of the Browns by winning the last game while St Louis was losing.