We came about every fifteen minutes or so getting in position to run through the reef. When we finally did go through we really roared and finally tied up to a huge log mooring. It was raining like hell for a while and no one came out from shore, so Skipper went to look for the official. On his way he met a native who told Skipper to go back to the office and that he would tell the officer about the yacht’s arrival.The native came back to the office and said “Government man say, ‘Why you come in rain? Will see you tomorrow morning. Too busy now.’ ” This is the damnest state of affairs, but I’m not kicking, as it’s raining like hell and I could use another good night’s sleep.

Nora told me this afternoon that she had spoken to Skipper and Exy that she would like to leave. She was told that in that case she would have to take Arthur with her. She said that it was inferred that it would be at her own expense to take Arthur back home. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of in many a moon. I can see why Exy would not want to take care of both kids, but on the other hand why burden Nora? I don’t see why Nora, if she really wants to leave as badly as she makes on, doesn’t just walk off at some port. Skipper has no legal claim to her services and I can see no reason to stop her except for money or lack of it. I am going to talk to her about it later on.

Loring and I are trying out a change in our working plans. I am again cleaning the table and he is drying the dishes. This will give me a lot extra time and we are working it when I’m on the 4-8 and we are in port and he doesn’t want to go ashore.