Did this morning’s dishes and cleaned the galley in thirty-five minutes and then washed and dried the lunch dishes in twenty-eight and a half minutes. I’m trying for twenty-five minutes and with some practice ought to make it. Doc operated on Loring’s finger and I helped him. Doc knows more than we give him credit for.

Just after supper I received a message from Mother stating that a meeting in Bali was inadvisable and suggested either Sydney or Pago. I replied that I would get to Sydney as soon as possible from Port Moresby. Mac and maybe Earl are leaving the Yankee there and we three will have a swell time on the way to Sydney. We may fly down, but we will have to wait until we get to Ocean before we can get definite information about boat and plane connections. My pardon is signed and only six weeks and one day of sentence still to be served.

I just remembered two things that just have to go into this diary. I found out that Skipper is being paid by the Earhart Foundation to do this searching business. I don’t know how much, but anything is too much. What a dirty, lousy trick, not only on the Foundation, but especially on us who pay our way.

Exy’s messages to her father are classics. “Baby Robert can go up and down stairs now. Arthur and Robert played together in the pen with great squeals.” Phooey