Took Markham and his daughter and her two kids to his plantation farther down the lagoon. Tied up to his dock with bow and stern lines tied to coconut trees. Carried little Marie up to house and had tea and listened to his stories. He is better than Kuper, though Exy doesn’t like him as well because many of his stories are a little risque. His ten weeks in Sydney (1000 pounds) must have been beauts. Osa and Martin Johnson were great pals of his and Houdini used him for a publicity stunt. Had good fresh shower.

Coconut frees in rows thirty feet apart.

The Skipper forbade Loring from putting any fizz water in the refrig because it uses too much battery. We can’t even have water. Why doesn’t he cut out the fan in his and Baby Robert’s cabins? We can’t have them, but the Johnsons can. Just damned nickel nurses. Sometimes the heat in the main cabin is almost unbearable and sleeping is out of the question – but….