God, how I hated to leave Vicky and Moresby this afternoon The sight of her, crying on the dock and waving to us is one I shall never forget. We’re in love with each other, but can do nothing, as I’m sailing away and she goes back to Peter’s in Samarah.

On Sunday (21st) evening we went down to the government wharf where the Malaita was tied up. We sneaked in the back way, past the guards, down the wharf and on to the boat. But an officer put us off. We tried a couple more times and were finally taken to the guards because we had no passes. Then we sat in the gutter and talked economics.

After the Church dance we went to Ela Beach for three hours. Absolutely one of the best nights of my life, along with sitting in the pub and lying on the floor of the balcony.We love each other, but through mutual consent won’t admit it. She admired me for not allowing myself to be seduced and I am third man she knows who has not had sexual intercourse before marriage and Peter is one of them.

We love each other so much and if there would be the slightest chance, I would wait to marry her. Blond, 5’2”, very pretty, full of life, amazing sense of humor and well-educated. She is devoted to Peter, but we just could not help what happened. I am glad that she is going back to Peter.

I shall never forget Enid Evelyn Victoria Wight Edwards from Sydney and Samarai. I have to be content with the thought that it was·a very lovely thing and the memory is sweet. I am glad that I did nothing to destroy her love for me. Oh, the fleetness of life. (ahem)

Mrs Joseph H Roberts, nee Joanne Harris of Philadelphia
PO Box 18
Carnegie PA
husband builder
no Kids

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