We are now on our way to Honolulu. We have to leave Fritz there in order to go to the British islands and possessions. This is really tough on all of us, but most of all on Fritz himself. As we know, he is a better American and more bitter anti-Hitler than most of us and this makes it much worse. He is the most loyal Yankee man the boat can have and the hardest worker, most sedulous person I ever knew. It is going to be tough losing him, but the Cruise would not be able to visit the English ports as long as he is on board. I am most sorry to lose him as we have become very good friends and I don’t like to see him get a tough break like this. He doesn’t deserve it but he is taking it like the man he is.

Except for our misfortune, we all enjoyed our stay at Tahiti – a beautiful island any way you look at it. I went out to the Hotel Rivnac (Blue Lagoon) and met Mr Stockton. He is very nice and he and Mrs Stockton had me to lunch yesterday noon.

The day before yesterday Mac, Doc, and I took Tetu and Anna, two native girls who are professional dancers, and have acted in the movies, out to a cascade and took pictures of the atmosphere. That evening we had another party on John North and Tetu and Simone did some hula dancing, together with Sophie – Mr Rivnac’s daughter. They could really dance, but the show was stolen by two tiny tots – little girls four and six – who did an act of their own. They were surprisingly good and the act was the cutest thing I have seen in a long while.

Marguerite – Sterling’s girl – is a real knockout. Met Hall the author and he seems very nice. We all enjoyed the ice cream we got and Fritz’ friends paid him numerous visits and he really appreciated it. The native food of Tahiti, or at least what I had of it, tasted very good. Poi, breadfruit, plantain, and especially raw fish – oh, is that fish good I don’t know how it is prepared but will try to find out from Mrs D.

This morning on watch we had a heavy rain squall then a calm. We threw the helm hard over and drifted about, at one time being twenty points off our course. Kirby threw a sack of flour off the stern and it actually floated past us. I was on bow watch and saw it slowly drift by.

Doc’s birthday.