Seven months out today.

We upped anchor at 8:45 and went aground a minute later. I was writing in the main cabin and felt the bumps. Skipper, Clint, and Joe got out in the small dinghy and took soundings all around the Yankee. A small kedge anchor was rigged and the main sheet bent on it. It was put in the dinghy and the idea was for Joe to row astern and drop the anchor and we would haul in on it: While Joe was rowing and before the anchor was dropped, Skipper put Betsy full steam astern and we slid off the bank and it looked like Joe pulled us off.

Set sail for Tarawa and we heard that a boat left there at noon today for Honolulu. Damnit – a good mailing chance shot to hell. We killed the eight chickens and pig this afternoon. Skipper slaughtered all and also skinned and cleaned the pig. He missed Fritz.

Sent my telegram to Hartford to be wired collect from there. I wonder what the answer will be??

Underway 8:45. Aground 8:50. Off again 9:15.