Moved closer to shore this morning. Got eight chickens today and will get a pig tomorrow.

Some of the boys went ashore this afternoon and as Skipper, Exy, and Arthur went I stayed on board to play pinochle with Oakes. The suckers came back all wet and mad.They had to push the dinghies in knee-deep water and the town was awful. A lousy dance, uninteresting natives, and a ramshackled village full of decaying huts – three huts to every native, according to what the fellows said. I’m very pleased that I didn’t go ashore.

Tonight, as usual, Oakes got the ball scores and then for the National League standings as of May 27.


W        L          %

Brooklyn                       20        8          .714

Cincinnati                     22        9          .710

New York                     17        12        .586

Chicago             18        15        .545

Phila                  11        15        .430

St Louis            11        20        .355

Boston               9          17        .346

Pittsburgh                    8          20        .286


Earl, Charley, Low, and I have little arguments every night about who’s going to end where and beat whom. Though the Phillies lost to Brooklyn 6-0 today (yesterday at home), they retain fifth place two and a half games above the Cards who also lost. The position of the Phils is a great surprise to me, as is Brooklyn’s being in first place. What has happened to Frisch’s Pirates? We will get the scores almost every night and Cincinnati (W8SRM) will send us the standings once a week.

Well, King Leopold surrendered to Germany against the advice of his ministers. This. takes about 800,000 men out of action against the Nazis. Of course, a goodly number of Belgian troops will volunteer into the French army, but it is a most serious blow to the Allies’ cause.