Seven months out almost, and the cruise ends eleven months from now, if not before.

Underwater pictures were taken this morning by Skipper, Leary, Doc, Sawyer, and Joe. The rest scrubbed and painted the starboard bulwarks. A heavy rain squall gave us a good bath. Loring lost his pants while swimming and then he lost my mask which I haven’t paid Oakes for, so the debt is transferred.

Chow at twelve and the Skipper’s party came back about 12:45 and we set sail immediately for Apamama twenty miles away, we rush for leisure.

We entered the reef of Apamama about 4:30. I was at the wheel. I stood in front so as to be able to turn it more easily, but got mixed up once for a few seconds and turned it to port instead of starboard. I caught myself before a half point, but Skipper was mad as hell.

Dropped anchor for the night quite a way offshore. Robert Louis Stevenson spent about six months here years ago. Why ??