Had breakfast and left immediately for shore. Went sailing in the ninety-six foot sailing outrigger canoe. It is five feet wide, draws about three feet, and the outrigger is about forty feet long and planking of arms seven/eighths inch – thirteen arms. It has three masts twenty-five feet high and a jib on both ends, as the outrigger always has to be kept to windward. It sails about five and a half to six points off the wind and coming about takes ten minutes. Much yelling and confusion is always present.

They drove the canoe near the Yankee and a couple natives jumped overboard to get a line. One saw a rope hanging down and grabbed it to pull himself up on the Yankee’s decks. It was the line to a canvas bucket. Even when I was in the canoe I still didn’t think it was so long, but I compared it with the Yankee. The steering oar is about seventy feet long and heavy as hell. This canoe is; to my knowledge, by far the biggest sailing canoe in the world. I know of no other that can even come close.

I took a roll of pictures and when I went to change film I accidentally put the used one back in and ruined it.

Tonight it took Loring over an hour to do the dishes, and he then began taking a shower up forward. I gave the wheel to Doc and ran forward, giving Loring a verbal lash and I went down the companionway: I have told that son-of-a-bitch over and over again to let me know when he’s finished, but he does the same thing every time. The situation is going to change tomorrow, and if he pulls that stunt once more I’ll wash.

Nora’s foot is definitely on the upgrade. No more soakings and she ate regular chow tonight. Clint is still pretty bad and Mac and Earl now have some sort of infections.